10 Questions That Science Is Desperately Seeking To Answer

10 Questions That Science Is Desperately Seeking To Answer

The inner working of the Cosmos is a deep and unrivaled mystery that continues to fascinate humanity. There are many cosmic and natural events that occur regularly that we have no answers to and the only thing we can do is keep looking. The best thing about science is that it isn’t afraid to admit that it doesn’t know something, and doesn’t try to cover up the missing pieces of information with fantastical stories. The mysteries of the universe continues to drive us forward and we seem to inch one step closer to the bigger picture every year. This list contains 10 questions that the scientific community is desperately trying to find answers to.

What Is Consciousness?

We know that we are all conscious and self-aware, but what is consciousness? What is sub-consciousness? Does the sub-consciousness affect the meta-physical world? Scientists are starting to believe that there is a direct link to our sub-conscious minds and the fate of the universe, but we don’t know anything for certain yet.


Why Do We Dream?

We have dreams each and every night, but the nature and impact of our dreams is still unknown. Even with concepts like lucid dreaming seeping into the mainstream, our actual knowledge about this daily activity seems extremely limited.