The Trump government announced new sanctions against North Korea

WASHINGTON – President Trump will announce new sanctions against North Korean shipping and trading companies on Friday, a final step in US efforts. UU. pressure leader Kim Jong Un to stop his nuclear weapons program.

“The Treasury Department will soon take further steps to reduce sources of income and fuel the regime to fund its nuclear program and defend its forces by targeting 56 ships, shipping companies and commercial companies that help prevent North Korea Sanctions, “Trump plans to say in a speech to supporters at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference near Washington, according to a quote from the White House.

Trump describes them as “the new biggest sanction of the North Korean regime”.

New prayers came when Trump’s daughter and Ivanka’s adviser directed the American delegation. UU. to South Korea for the last weekend of the 2018 Olympic Winter Games.

“My daughter Ivanka has just arrived in South Korea,” Trump twittered hours before his speech. “We can not have a better person or an intelligent person who represents our country.”

The government has been trying for months to put pressure on countries to withdraw economic support from North Korea.

Trump officials have been encouraging for weeks of sanctions, including vice president Mike Pence during a visit to South Korea for the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics.

In his speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference on Thursday, Pence said: “We will stand until the north stops threatening our country, our allies, or until they leave their nuclear and ballistic missiles forever.”


Source: USA Today